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Life Resolutions Psychology Franchises

Life Resolutions is a national group of Psychologists and allied mental health professionals. Life Resolutions holds a commitment of providing the highest standards in counselling and professional care. Our core beliefs are that every person has the right to feel valued, and can receive the mental health support they need.

We understand everyone may at some point in their lives benefit from professional psychological support and advice. We aim to help our clients overcome life’s hurdles: from depression to addiction; and behavioural problems. Therefore, whatever you’re faced with, we’re here to help.

We can help you resolve any of the challenges you may experience in your personal or work life. The Life Resolutions team have registered psychologists who can help with a variety of different mental health problems and issues. Our team have multiple years of a different experience as psychologists and understand the complexity of each person’s condition or issue.

Our group of professional psychologists understand that everyone’s condition is different. So, by identifying what triggers you, our psychologists will then develop personalised strategies to help you cope with it.

The earlier you receive professional assistance and care, the more likely you are to overcome it.

Contact our team or director of Life Resolutions on 1300 668 256 or visit Life Resolutions website

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How did Life Resolutions come about?

Origins of the business

Life Resolutions was established by a passionate pair of individuals Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions and Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions. With a vision of how to provide psychological services to the people of Australia. It all started back in 2001 with a group of psychologists and other mental health practitioners. The pair includes Mary Magalotti, a renowned psychologist; and Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions, who is a former advertising sales rep. Before, both Mary and Jodie’s vision was the establishment of a national network of franchises. These franchises being private practices for psychologists, and the plan was to operate all over Australia. Mary and Jodie were passionate about bringing psychological services to locations where more resources are needed. And through the development of Life Resolutions, they were able to achieve this vision and are still working to grow its influence.

Currently, We are proud to have over 50 Life Resolutions practices and affiliates across Australia. With this expansive pool of valued people, partners, practices, affiliates and resources, we are able to combine to achieve our mission.