When Jodie Brenton and her associate Mary Magalotti realised there was a dire need for accessible and quality mental healthcare across Australia in 2001, Life Resolutions was born. In the 15 plus years since its inception it has seen a dramatic growth, and contributed greatly to the field of mental healthcare. A national group of psychologists and allied mental health practitioners, Life Resolutions has more than 50 practices and affiliates across the country today. With a strong commitment to providing Australians with the highest standards in counselling and professional psychological care, Life Resolutions has changed the game of affordable, accessible mental healthcare. Our team of highly qualified therapists in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and surrounding regions are experienced in assisting clients to live healthier and happier lives.

As Australia’s first and only psychology private practice franchise, the concept came with its fair share of challenges and hurdles. An alien concept, it consequently faced resistance from many orthodox psychologists around the country. As an added disadvantage, around that time the psychology industry was fragmented with no structure or economic foresight. Due to this, any new franchisee who joined the Life Resolutions network had first to be trained in the basics of business in order to be able to run a successful practice, as well as the unique systems and processes of the franchise.

The topic of mental health still had a stigma attached to it back then, and those who sought out psychologists were often thought to be deranged or mentally handicapped. Positive psychology as a concept and its many, many benefits was still new, and was only just gaining popularity. Due to this, psychologists often felt that it was their ethical duty to provide their community with their services, and did not always feel it appropriate to charge people. This ethical conundrum persists to this day, with psychologists struggling to run profitable businesses.  Many do not realise that training to become a certified psychologist is a lengthy and expensive affair, leading them to feel entitled to free treatment.

However, Life Resolutions was able to overcome most of the hurdles in their way and devise a system for a successful psychology franchise. The fruits of their labour are paying off today.

To learn more about Jodie Brenton and Life Resolutions, check out our website. www.jodiebrentonliferesolutions.com.au/jodie-brenton