There’s lots of reasons families choose to seek support. Rest assured that your experienced Life Resolutions family psychologist will not judge you or your family – they’re here to help you work through complex issues with compassion and understanding.

How can family counselling help?

  • Big changes in family structure can be tough to deal with. Children and teenagers in particular might struggle with the introduction of step-family members, divorces, or the birth of a new child.
  • Bereavement and grief can also be a big challenge for families. The experience of losing a family member or close friend is tough and chatting with a psychologist can help you learn how to best support one another.
  • Constant family conflict is disruptive and unhealthy for all involved. Many families choose to seek counselling to resolve these reoccurring issues and learn effective communication skills.
  • Families who are supporting a member with addiction or mental health issues may also benefit from the support of a family psychologist.

Through all these situations, families are met with care and respect from our experienced psychologists. Every member of the family is given a chance to say their piece and be heard by others. Our psychologists help facilitate healthy discussion and problem solving, assisting your family in working through challenges as a team.

Family Counselling at Life Resolutions

If you think your family could benefit from some additional support, please contact our friendly team today to book in. You can also visit our website to learn more about the Life Resolutions psychology franchise and the work that we do.