At Life Resolutions, we know that no matter how much you love and care for your partner, there are bound to be times of frustration and conflict. Many arguments and issues in relationships are borne out of differing communication styles, resulting in the feeling that you just cannot ‘get through’ to your partner.

The Life Resolutions team believe every couple can learn to communicate more effectively, so this is why we offer Couples Communication Coaching. Our skilled and compassionate professionals can help you and your partner work together to resolve issues in your relationship and prevent further disagreements from causing serious strife.

Couples Communication Coachingis for every person, in every relationship. Even if you and your partner are not dealing with any particular issues, there is always room to grow and learn together. Our Life Resolutions professionals are keen to assist you and your partner in developing a skillset to resolve any future issues in a healthy and productive way.

Mary Magalotti’sAdvice on Effective and Respectful Communication:

  • Respect each other during disagreements– even when you are angry, it is important not to use harsh words or demean your partner. If you feel your frustration rising, excuse yourself and take some time to calm down.
  • Fight the problem, not the person – try to adapt the mindset that you and your partner are battling against a common issue, rather than attempting to ‘win’ the argument. If you train yourself to think of the problem as the issue, rather than your partner, you will find disagreements are much easier to handle.
  • Move on from the argument–when emotions are raw after an argument, more difficulties can arise. Show your partner that you still love and care for them with your words and actions.
  • Seek professional support– if you find yourself regularly encountering conflict and cannot seem to resolve your issues, a couples communication coach can help you and your partner move forward together, happier and healthier than ever.

 Life Resolutions Working with You and Your Partner

Couples Communication Coaching can help relationships that are struggling or where conflict is rife. The tools that you will learn can help you manage current disagreements and those in the future. The Life Resolutions team are here to help, no matter what you and your partner are going through.

If you would like to book an appointment, please contact our friendly team today.To learn more information about the services we provide at Life Resolutions, or about our Principal Psychologist, Mary Magalotti, please head to ourwebsite.