Although many may find working from home a welcome change, others may be struggling to stay motivated or in control. If this is you, read on for some tips and tricks from Jodie Brenton and the Life Resolutions team.

Jodie Brenton’s Advice on Working From Home

  1. Stick to your schedule– A lack of routine is a guaranteed path towards burnout and low motivation. Commit to starting work at the same time each day and avoid checking emails and texts once you have finished.
  2. Prioritise your tasks– If you find yourself feeling frequently directionless and distracted halfway through your workday, try creating a list of goals in order of priority each morning. Refer to this list whenever you feel confused about what to do next.
  3. Enjoy regular breaks – The importance of a healthy lunch has not diminished just because you are working from home. Spend time in the kitchen or take a walk to grab some takeaway. Make sure you eat away from your desk!
  4. Listen to your mind–This year has been a difficult one for many, and it is normal to be feeling isolated, emotional, or anxious.If you are struggling, reach out and seek support from the team of professionals at Life Resolutions. We are currently offeringTelehealth servicesto ensure all of our clients can access safe and high-quality mental health support, so contact us today.

Contact the Life Resolutions Team

If the challenges of this year, working from home, or any other issues are impacting your health and happiness, please contact Life Resolutions today to book an appointment.Our friendly team of professionals at Life Resolutions are here to help you with whatever you are struggling with. Visit Jodie BrentonandMary Magalotti for more information, orbook a face-to-face session or Telehealth appointment with our friendly Life Resolutions team by heading to our bookings page today.

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