In 2001, Jodie Brenton realised there was a real need for quality, accessible mental healthcare for Australians around the country. Working hard to fight the stigma surrounding mental health and with a vision to provide quality mental healthcare to Australians, Jodie Brenton started Life Resolutions in 2001. What started out as a seed of an idea to make mental healthcare easily accessible for everyone, soon turned into a countrywide franchise. Today, Life Resolutions has more than 50 practices and affiliated psychologists across Australia, and the franchise is steadily growing. That, combined with Jodie’s many years of experience as a sales representative prior to her work in the field of psychology, and you have someone who knows a thing or two about how to run a business. When it comes to recruitment and hiring the right person for the job, as the Director of Life Resolutions it’s safe to say that Jodie knows a thing or two about how to choose the right person to hire.

Jodie’s insider tip: Research, Research, Research

Picking out the right candidate for a job, especially when you’re presented with multiple applications by equally competent and qualified individuals, can be tricky. Recruiters are often forced to rely on their instinct and that ‘gut feeling’, but this is not necessarily always the right approach. Instead, Jodie suggests applying whatever tools you have at your disposal in order to find out a little more about the candidates at hand.  This will help you make an informed decision, and in the process, you will learn a lot more about your prospective employees.
Ask prospective candidates for references. Once you have their names, make it a practice to follow up on those references, calling or interviewing them to find out more about the candidate. Make the candidates complete common personality profiles such as the Myer-Briggs or Big 5 profiles. In order to determine their skill set and capabilities in real time, give the candidates hands-on tasks or activities to complete. Finally, try and obtain opinions from other team members and advisors before you make your decision.
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