There are many reasons why finding the perfect psychologist for you is important. It has been suggested that the relationship between patients and their psychologist is a determining factor in the outcomes of the counselling sessions.

Our director Jodie Brenton and head psychologist Mary Magalotti have put together a team of well-rounded and experienced psychologists, to ensure that you can find a practitioner that is right for you!

Here are our top tips for choosing the right psychologist.

Top Tips 

Define what you are looking for

Before you begin searching for the perfect practitioner, you should define: 

  • why you are seeking counselling
  • what you want out of counselling
  • Whether your appointments will be via telehealth or in-person

Look at psychologist’s experience and expertise 

Every psychologist has different skills and areas of expertise. This can help you choose a practitioner that aligns with your goals. Looking at the areas a practitioner skills and particular interests in can help narrow down who can be of the most help to you.

Do research on the clinic

While the psychologist will be the one running the sessions, it is important to find a clinic that is convenient and committed to their patients. We recommend looking at the clinic’s values, mission statement and, the counselling they offer (in-person/telehealth).
Here at Life Resolutions, we pride ourselves on making our services accessible to all Australians, no matter their circumstances. 

Think about how you get along with the practitioner

If you get along with your practitioner, you are more likely to feel safe and supported. You should feel a level of trust when talking to your psychologist. You should keep this in mind when researching potential psychologists. You can also determine whether the practitioner is right for you in your first session.

Our team values and understand the importance of finding the right practitioner for each patient. Mary Magalotti, Jodie Brenton and the Life Resolutions team are here to help you find a psychologist that is right for you. 

Find the right Life Resolutions psychologist for you by visiting our website. You can also book online or over the phone.